Summary in English

RHF – Bus Historical Society of Norway

The Bus Historical Society of Norway is a non-profit and independent organization that since 1983 has worked to gather individuals and groups with concern for the history of the buses in Norway.

Our work includes:

  • restoring vintage buses
  • registering history of bus companies
  • registering history of bus body building companies
  • collecting various bus related items
  • collecting old and new bus related pictures
  • archiving the gathered information in in archives and databases

In Norway there have been well over 1000 bus companies and more than 350 bus body building companies. Now they all belong to the past, but we are striving to give them all a well-deserved place in history.

The magazine – RUTEBIL
Our magazine “RUTEBIL” (Route Bus) has 5 yearly issues. It is the only Norwegian bus magazine devoted to the bus motor car and its history.

The word Rutebil – meaning “Routecar” – is a word that is hardly used any more. You will find it on old Norwegian registration plates for buses in small letters beneath the registration numbers, indicating a licence to operate passenger buses on a commercial basis. In modern Norwegian the preferred word is “Buss”.

The local clubs of RHF
The local clubs unite members in their geographical area for tours, meetings and active restoration of old buses.

The Vintage Bus Gatherings
Every year in late spring, RHF arranges a huge Vintage Bus Gathering in combination with the society’s annual general meeting. Between 50 and 100 vintage buses and several hundred members join in this fantastic event, perhaps the biggest of its kind in Europe.

The web site,
Our web site provides up-to-date information about current events and is also a source for information from the databases. It is a supplement to our magazine “RUTEBIL” which provides more in-depth information.